5 Creative Lecture Hall Installations That Optimize Space and ROI

August 2, 2022

Beyond the sea of color, shape and style choices for individual seating and table furnishings, there is ample opportunity to transform the interior of a traditional lecture hall space into an innovative, forward-thinking, creative learning environment.

As you consider how to take your lecture hall designs to the next level while strategically staying within capacity requirements, budget and space constraints, let these 5 installation concepts inspire you to create modern learning environments without breaking the bank or encountering limitations by logistical or spatial challenges.

5 Creative Seating Solutions for Lecture Halls

  1. Teaching in the Round

    A circular lecture hall – or teaching in the round – is an innovative seating arrangement that is gaining traction in modern classrooms. This radial row configuration promotes community and engagement among learners. A circle cultivates inclusivity, bringing students closer to the front of the class and reducing the feeling of being hidden in the back row.

  2. Elliptical Layout

    Another modern lecture hall seating style is the elliptical layout, which is akin to an exaggerated U-shape. The U-shape seating arrangement has long been popular for board or committee meetings, using standard fold up tables and chairs but is now emerging into the learning space with polished fixed table and seating options. As lines are being blurred between teaching and learning, tradition and innovation, the elliptical layout allows the audience to see one another and encourages more lively discussion among students while still having a central focal point of the instructor and AV sources in the room.

  3. Tiered Learning Studio

    Lecture halls don’t have to consist of traditional seating rows and tables. In modern learning environments, collaborative space is a high priority. A tiered learning studio format may be the lecture hall design that revolutionizes your higher education facilities. Outfitted with sleek keyhole tables complete with convenient wire management, this design is perfect for classes that will be comprised of equal lecture-based learning and group-think projects or labs.

  4. Alternating Fixed Table Styles

    When planning and designing learning environments, it’s customary to lean on uniformity. Having the same seating style and table furnishings in a lecture hall contributes to the orderliness and standardization of the traditional classroom.

    It is possible, however, to add variation without losing the structure that most students crave and giving a learning space that extra spice of variety. At Texas A&M University they were able to combine radius M50 Fixed Tables with Collaborative Elliptical Tables, both equipped with wire management, to achieve a modern, sleek learning studio.

    When you consider mixed seating and table styles, you are also able to provide a more accessible space to a larger group of learners and easily meet accommodation requirements by the ADA.

  5. Clam Shell

    A clam shell structure with a minimally sloped floor creates a stronger connection between instructors and students while still resembling a traditional classroom environment. At UC Davis, they outfitted this innovative space with M60 Swing Away seating to enhance “think/pair/share” active learning experiences, complete with fixed tables and convenient wire management for the future adaptability of higher education.

Don’t Forget Acoustics

A lecture hall installation is more than fixed seating, table furnishings and AV considerations. Acoustics play a critical role in the functionality of your space, allowing sound to reverberate appropriately so all students can hear and comprehend what’s being spoken. If acoustics are not accounted for in the initial planning, especially within a lecture hall with a contemporary design, the room may be rendered unusable until sound proofing is addressed. Just as there are countless customizations available for lecture hall seating, you can also let the personality and aesthetic of a school shine through custom acoustic panel styles and selections.

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