How to Choose an Auditorium Chair Based on your Budget

July 24, 2019

When working on a fixed seating project, we all wish there was an endless supply of money. No budget to worry about. No constraints. You see it, you want it, you get it. That would be in an ideal world, but it certainly is not reality.

Choosing an auditorium chair for your space is exciting, but a big factor driving the decision-making is the budget. Having a clear picture of what you can spend, will help determine the type of chair for your space, as well as the options and features that go with the chair.

As manufacturers of auditorium seating, we understand how important it is to choose the right chair for your environment. In this article, we will discuss the different types of auditorium chairs and options versus the budget you are working with.

First, we will discuss the three main price ranges and then we will go over different features and options that can add costs to your chair. Let's dive into it!

The Different Price Ranges for Auditorium Seating

Auditorium seating can be broken down into three main price ranges: low, medium and high.

At the low-end of the auditorium seating spectrum, you can expect to pay between $150-$350 per seat for a standard chair with no additional options. If you are paying less than that for a chair, we would advise proceeding with caution. For chairs that are under $150, you will want to know exactly what the warranty is and what support looks like for any service and parts that are needed.

In the mid-range segment of auditorium seating, you can expect to pay between $350-$650 per seat for a standard chair with no additional options.

Finally, at the high-end of the auditorium bet, a chair normally runs between $650-$1,100 per seat and this is also for a standard chair with no added options.

These ranges are starting price points for a base model chair. There are many options and features available within each of these three price segments that can significantly impact the price of the chair. We will go over these options and features next.

Common Features and Options for an Auditorium Chair

You are at the stage where you have decided on an auditorium chair that fits within your budget and space and now you are introduced to all the features and options that can come with that chair. You might be thinking that you want all of them, but not so quick. With each feature or option, you add to your chair, you will see the cost slowly increasing.

Some of the most common options that impact the price of an auditorium chair:

  • Wood Back
  • Laminate Back
  • Wood End Panels
  • Laminate End Panels
  • Wood Seat Panel
  • Laminate Seat Panel
  • Power
  • Power/USB Power
  • Tablets
  • Wood Arm Caps
  • LED Aisle Lights
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Fabric Selection
  • Back Heights
  • Seat Numbers
  • Row Letters

This is not an exhaustive list of options, but rather a typical list that manufacturers of auditorium seating offer. When you add any of these options, you will see the cost for the chair increase as well.

In some cases, the additional features can put you into an altogether higher price point than you anticipated, so be reasonable when selecting the options and features that you want/need. You will find some options are “nice to have” while others are a “must have.” As you embark on the chair selection process, it is extremely important to know what you and the purchasing committee deem essential when it comes to “must have” options. This will inform you of whether you will be able to meet the budget that you have set aside for the purchase of your auditorium seating.

To recap: there are generally three main price ranges for auditorium seating; low, medium and high. Each price range is for a base-level chair and as you add options and features, you can expect the price to gradually increase. It’s a good idea to have a clear picture of what options are “nice to have” and which are “must haves,” so that you make sure you are adhering to your budget. When you know what price range you want to be in, you can move forward with ease at choosing the best chair with the right features and options for your space or environment.

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