environmental data

Product Environmental Data

As a leading manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furnishings, Sedia Systems strives for sustainability and environmental stewardship. We offer numerous options to integrate recycled materials and renewable resources into our products and packaging.


E10-Upholstered-PED.jpg E10 Upholstered PED
FT20-Finished-Wood-PED.jpg FT20 Finished Wood PED
FT20-Upholstered-PED.jpg FT20 Upholstered PED
G20-Finished-Wood-PED.jpg G20 Finished Wood PED
J30-Finished-Wood-PED.jpg J30 Finished Wood PED
J30-Upholstered-PED.jpg J30 Upholstered PED
JumpSeat-90-PED.jpg JumpSeat 90 PED
JumpSeat-PED.jpg JumpSeat PED
JumpSeat-Wall-PED.jpg JumpSeat Wall PED
M50-PED.jpg M50 PED
M60-Turandot-PED.jpg M60 Turandot PED
P10-Upholstered-PED.jpg P10 Upholstered PED
R40-Finished-Wood-PED.jpg R40 Finished Wood PED
R40-Upholstered-PED.jpg R40 Upholstered PED

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