Sedia Systems offers a variety of finishes for our fixed seating products. Download our Finish Guides today to see how you can customize your lecture hall, auditorium or JumpSeat environment.


A7-Tablet-Finishes.jpg A7 Tablet Finishes
Beam-Series-Finishes.jpg Beam Series Finishes
E10-Finishes.jpg E10 Finishes
FT20-Finishes.jpg FT20 Finishes
FT20-Mesh-Finishes.jpg FT20 Mesh Finishes
G20-Finishes.jpg G20 Finishes
Gnosi-Finishes.jpg Gnosi Finishes
J30-Finishes.jpg J30 Finishes
JumpSeat-Finishes.jpg JumpSeat Finishes
JumpSeat-WOW-Finishes.jpg JumpSeat WOW Finishes
Jury-Series-Finishes.jpg Jury Series Finishes
L40-Finishes.jpg L40 Finishes
M50-Finishes.jpg M50 Finishes
M60-Finishes.jpg M60 Finishes
M60-Nurses-Station-Finishes.jpg M60 Nurses Station Finishes
Mercury-Arc-Finishes.jpg Mercury Arc Finishes
Mercury-Finishes.jpg Mercury Finishes
Mercury-Plus-Finishes.jpg Mercury Plus Finishes
Mercury-Premier-Finishes.jpg Mercury Premier Finishes
Neptune-Finishes.jpg Neptune Finishes
P10-Finishes.jpg P10 Finishes
R40-Finishes.jpg R40 Finishes
T50-Finishes.jpg T50 Finishes
Tecton-Finishes.jpg Tecton Finishes
Turandot-Finishes.jpg Turandot Finishes
V8000-Finishes.jpg V8000 Finishes

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