JumpSeat chair detail

The Evolution of the JumpSeat

There are many paths to innovation. And there’s no telling what will inspire the next breakthrough design. For fixed seating, transformation began in Portland, Oregon, when Ziba Design needed an auditorium chair to fit the narrow risers of its new space. The immediate challenge was geometric: how to make a seat that could support an adult and nearly disappear when not in use. The answer was the revolutionary JumpSeat: a sleek and compact chair that closes to as little as 4 inches deep.

Sedia Systems launched the JumpSeat globally in 2012, and the industry quickly recognized the beauty of its form and function. Inspired by more than 19 awards, Sedia Systems continues to innovate and enhance the JumpSeat product line. The JumpSeat Collection now consists of the JumpSeat, JumpSeat 90, JumpSeat Wall and JumpSeat WOW.

Insight from Ziba Design’s Founder

Comment from Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder & President of Ziba Design
The design is about as minimal as you can get for an auditorium seat, which makes the JumpSeat really efficient in its use of space. The seat is only four inches deep when closed; this small footprint allows more seating in a smaller space without crowding. Materials-wise, you can't get much more efficient than two pieces of plywood. It's a design that takes maximum advantage of the material properties, and proof that a relatively simple, repeatable object can be beautiful too.