Akouo Acoustics Unveils Three New Sound Management Collections

October, 2020

Akouo Acoustics, a division of Sedia Systems, is introducing a more robust and thoroughly revamped portfolio of elegantly designed sound-management products. The acoustic solutions address a sweeping array of architectural and performance needs in auditoriums, lecture halls, performance venues and workspaces.

The products are grouped into three collections based on a choice of materials — the WoodLine Collection for wood-based architectural panels, the GiosFelt™ Collection for PET felt panels and the Livello Collection for fabric-wrapped acoustic panels. Each individual portfolio offers a range of options for both wall and ceiling applications.

With the addition of the new offerings, Akouo Acoustics Division Manager Nate Meyer contended that the company now boasts “one of the most complete and comprehensive acoustic product lines in the industry.” The sweeping variety of materials, Meyer added, allows clients to customize an acoustic solution that fits both their aesthetic palette and their budget requirements.

“We now have a good-better-best range of products, which provides great choices for customers who want unlimited options to tune their rooms and select materials and finishes that make the space a visual treat as well as an auditory pleasure,” he said.

Meyer said Akouo Acoustics’ products seek to balance requirements in the acoustic environment “between the technical side and the architectural side. Along with exceptional performance, we’re bringing excellent design and architectural sophistication to the table.”

Livello Collection offers affordable wall panels and ceiling clouds wrapped in fabric, including digital printed Custom Art panels that can add stunning and vibrant imagery or brand messages to the environment. The GiosFelt™ Collection includes environmentally friendly PET felt acoustic panels for wall and ceiling in a selection of 20 colors, a dozen geometric shapes and multiple sizes for dramatic aesthetic impact. The WoodLine Collection brings together the warmth and sophistication of wood with outstanding acoustic values. Available in seven different systems for mounting on ceilings and walls, the collection features a choice of two dozen popular and exotic wood veneers.

Akouo Acoustics was founded two years ago as a division of Sedia Systems, the Chicago-based industry leader in fixed-seating products for performing arts venues, lecture halls, auditoriums and other public spaces where people gather.

“Akouo Acoustics is a perfect complement to our traditional focus on fixed seating,” said Sedia Systems’ CEO Wilson Troup. “With these three new sound-management collections offered by Akouo, we’re in an advantageous position to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for customers in the performing arts, academic, work and worship spaces.”

About Akouo Acoustics

Akouo Acoustics is a division of Sedia Systems, founded in 2018 to provide state-of-the-art acoustic solutions for a variety of environments including auditoriums, lecture halls, performing arts venues and workplaces. Akouo Acoustics’ consultants have a deep knowledge of architectural acoustics, providing customers with optimal solutions to improve speech intelligibility and minimize disruptive reverberations while also enhancing the aesthetics of environments. A wide range of high-performing, affordable acoustic panels and baffles are available in various materials, sizes, shapes and colors.

About Sedia Systems

Sedia Systems is a leading global manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furniture, offering the widest range of fixed seating in the industry for education, corporate, healthcare, government and public assembly markets. Sedia Systems' passion is to provide insightfully designed fixed seating solutions grounded in a client-focused approach. Sedia Systems corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are in Asheboro, NC. Its Chicago showroom in The Mart, Suite 11-121, is open to the public by appointment. Sedia Systems EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is based in Dublin, serving countries and regions beyond the Americas. Explore your options at Sedia Systems!

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