Akouo Acoustics® Brings Innovation and Unparalleled Design to NeoCon 2024

Chicago, IL / June 2024

The industry leader in creating seating that balances form and function will unveil their new Chicago showroom featuring Akouo Acoustics®, and it sounds simply perfect as they beautifully transform chaos to calm.

Known for inventive and unique fixed seating solutions, Sedia Systems is celebrating 20 years in business and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In 2018, the company created Akouo Acoustics and the division is continuing to make its mark in an industry at the forefront of cutting-edge design and technology. With a large selection of products designed to provide state-of-the-art acoustic solutions for an array of environments, the company’s portfolio stretches across auditoriums, lecture halls, performing arts venues, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, and most recently into homes.

“Entering the acoustics market was a natural evolution for our business,” according to Sedia Systems Founder and CEO, Wilson Troup. “Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to build on our valuable relationships in this industry and identified a significant opportunity to create products that not only outperform but look beautiful while doing it.”

Akouo Acoustics provides superior sound management with solutions that improve speech intelligibility and reduce reverberations, with a keen eye on ease of use and gorgeous design options. In this same spirit, the showroom will showcase new products in the GiosFelt® Collection, including Tiles, Landscape and Textures 2D to the successful line, all expertly designed by Union Design.

Other eco-friendly options, like GiosWrap™ fabric wrapped wall and ceiling panels and the stunning WoodLine Collection are a beautiful alternative to traditional wall and ceiling coverings. “We continued to hear from the Architect and Design community that they need a wider range of selections to offer their clients and better tools to create and execute ideas. Just as important as functional performance, these spaces need to represent a high level of design aesthetic,” explains Troup.

Adorned with a variety of styles, shapes, colors and textures, the Akouo Acoustics showroom is set to wow visitors and continues to raise the bar when it comes to creating purposeful design-forward environments, supported by innovative technology.

Until now, the capabilities for developing more free form panels have been limited and time consuming. New innovations from Bespline, a partner working with Akouo Acoustics, uses adaptive molding to create custom, lightweight panels finished with 3mm felt or wood veneer. The Bespoke Panel Collection opens a new realm of possibilities, allowing for applications on curved surfaces in a fraction of the time.

To continue merging product innovation with increased demand for efficiency and more requests for self-serve tools, the company is releasing its first two apps at NeoCon as well.

“We’re excited to introduce two new Apps that give customers the ability to envision, plan and create a space perfect for their needs,” says Troup. The first App performs an acoustic analysis and was created in partnership with Cavea Engineering, located in Venice Italy. The output provides the client with a recommendation on acoustic material coverage to achieve optimal sound reverberation to maximize room performance.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Akouo Acoustics to develop a technology that gives architects and designers an efficient and accurate platform to take acoustic space planning to the next level,” explains Chiara Benedettini, marketing manager for Cavea. “We’ll have live demonstrations each day and are excited to bring this App to NeoCon for the first time.”

The second App, a tile design tool is the perfect complement for envisioning a virtual design plan that inspires imagination and creativity beyond traditional idea boards. Users are easily able to self-serve and create their custom canvas by selecting from a full array of products, colors and finishes to produce a more realistic blueprint of how the space will turn out. Akouo Acoustics will be able to incorporate these designs and provide additional recommendations in real-time to make for fun and transparent space planning.

“Celebrating 20 years in business is an exciting milestone and the showroom is a reflection of our passion and commitment to our community of Architects and Designers,” says Troup. “We are thrilled that GiosFelt Textures 2D and the Landscape Collection are finalists for the HiP Awards in the Workplace Acoustical Wall Applications, and the Workplace Partitions & Wall System categories and look forward to celebrating our nominations at NeoCon.”

The new Akouo Acoustics showroom is in The Mart in Chicago and promises to Transform Chaos to Calm in a show-stopping cadence. NeoCon runs June 10-12, 2024, and the showroom is located on the 11th floor, #1171.

About Akouo Acoustics

Akouo Acoustics is a division of Sedia Systems, founded in 2018 to provide state-of-the-art acoustic solutions for a variety of environments including auditoriums, lecture halls, performing arts venues and workplaces. Akouo Acoustics’ consultants have a deep knowledge of architectural acoustics, providing customers with optimal solutions to improve speech intelligibility and minimize disruptive reverberations while also enhancing the aesthetics of environments. A wide range of high-performing, affordable acoustic panels and baffles are available in various materials, sizes, shapes, and colors.

About Sedia Systems

Sedia Systems is a leading global manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furniture, offering the widest range of fixed seating in the industry for education, corporate, healthcare, government, and public assembly markets. Sedia Systems' passion is to provide insightfully designed fixed seating solutions grounded in a client-focused approach. Sedia Systems corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are in Asheboro, NC. Sedia Systems EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is based in Dublin, serving countries and regions beyond the Americas. Explore your options at Sedia Systems!