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sl850 lectern three quarter view
sl850 lectern front view low
sl850 lectern front view middle
sl850 lectern front view high
sl850 lectern back view high

SL850 Lectern

The SL850 is a state-of-the-art teaching lectern for audio visual equipment. Complete with a 14RU 19″rack for mounting a range of AV and IT solutions, the SL850 acts as a self-contained multimedia center console for any instructor or professional across multiple environments.


  • Single 19” 14RU x 20” deep rack unit
  • Natural convection cooling design
  • 360°rack access with hinged doors
  • Hinged top for quick access
  • Pull out rack for pre-installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Improved strength front door
  • Small to medium size work surface
  • Removable panels keyed alike
  • Lockdown casters as standard


  • Height adjustable work surface
  • Articulating monitor arm
  • Custom designed secure control panel housing for AV touch panel
  • Visualizer security housing
Complete customization available
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