Sedia Systems offers a variety of fabrics and coated fabrics for our fixed seating products. Download our Textile Cards to see how you can customize your corporate, education, healthcare seating or performing arts environments today.


Camira-Era-Card.jpg Camira Era Card
Camira-X2-Card.jpg Camira X2 Card
Camira-Xtreme-Card.jpg Camira Xtreme Card
Green-Hides-Lena-Card.jpg Green Hides Lena Card
Green-Hides-Sierra-Card.jpg Green Hides Sierra Card
Momentum-Color-Card.jpg Momentum Color Card
Pranna-Vinyl-Card.jpg Pranna Vinyl Card
Sherpa-Shire-Card.jpg Sherpa Shire Card
Spradling-Coated-Card.jpg Spradling Coated Card
Spradling-Coated-Card.png Spradling Coated Card
Spradling-Valencia-Vinyl-Card.jpg Spradling Valencia Vinyl Card

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